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GINAR applies Blockchain technology to random number generation, which guarantees to provide true, fair and transparent random numbers at an impressive speed and volume for businesses wanting to leverage unpredictable, tamper-resistant and verifiable digits; especially for lottery and online gambling operators.

GINAR’s mission is to become the leader in providing Decentralized Random Numbers and change the online gambling industry by eliminating potential fraud and dishonest practices. In turn, it will make the industry into more of a win-win proposition for both players and operators – as well as regulating authorities – by allowing complete transparency.



GINAR requires the contribution of participants on a decentralized network. With the assumption that more than half of the network is honest, no one can get control over who will eligible to make the contribution.


Verifiability is required to ensure that the generation process has not been circumvented. Traditional RNGs can only prove that it uses a random method but are not able to provide any technique to audit after it is generated.


GINAR produces random numbers from the contribution of participants on the blockchain. Manipulation is not feasible on the blockchain networks since it is made up to millions of participants scattered across the world.

Open participation

Everyone having an address on the network can take part in the generation process and there is no restriction for doing so.

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